J. Kenyatta Cavil

J. Kenyatta Cavil, Professor

Primary Research Focus

  • Academic Achievement
  • Sport Analytics
  • Educational Leadership
  • Organizational Management and Sports Administration
  • Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) Sports Culture Theory
  • The Sporting HBCU Diaspora
  • Leadership in HBCU Athletics
  • Intercollegiate Athletics Organizational Management
  • Sport Leadership & Administration
  • Tactical Analytics & Business Strategy

Professional Biography

Dr. Cavil   is a prominent voice on the business and leadership of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and a specialist on the HBCU Sports Culture paradigm. He is the author of Early Athletic Experiences at HBCUs: The Creation of Conferences. From an Africana-centered framework of HBCU athletics, he teaches about consumer behavior in HBCU athletics, strategic management, vision and leadership in HBCU athletic programs, and the contextualization of critical race theory in the Sporting HBCU Diaspora. He has published research articles such as The State of Intercollegiate Athletics at Historically Black Colleges/Universities (HBCUs): Past, Present, & Persistence, completed commission studies such as, HBCU (A Minimum of Nine, A Maximum of 12) Football Reclassification & New HBCU FBS Conference Formation Study, presentations such as, Athletic Director’s Leadership Perception of Variable Determining the Effectiveness of Administering HBCU Athletic Programs, and a book chapter titled: The Case for Tennessee State as an expansion member of the SWAC: Economic Impact. Dr. Cavil has written articles for College Sporting News (CSN) and I-AA.org magazines. Recently, Cavil was also one of the four authors among Billy Hawkins, Joseph Cooper, and Akilah Carter-Francique which edited the textbook The Athletic Experience at Historically Black Colleges and Universities – Past, Present, and Persistence. He currently produces Dr. Cavil’s HBCU Sports Top 10 Mid-Major and Major Polls as well as the Dr. Cavil’s ‘Inside the HBCU Sports Lab” radio show. He is a HBCU sport business analyst on several radio programs across the country with the HBCU Sports Report.

Courses Taught

  • Graduate Sport Management courses taught: Sport Marketing, Sport Publicity & Promotion, Sports Governance & Policy Development, Business Development Strategies & Ticket Sales, and The Sporting HBCU Diaspora.
  • Graduate Human Performance courses taught: Advanced Test & Measurement.
  • Undergraduate Sport Management courses taught: Sport & Entertainment Management, Sport Marketing and Promotions, Administration of Athletics in Organizations, Sport, Ethics, & The Law, and Urban Problems in Sports.
  • Undergraduate Human Performance courses taught: Test & Measurement, Organization & Administration in PE, Test & Measurements & Basic Statistics for PE, Practicum / Internship, History & Principles of Health, and Organization & Administration in PE.

Academic Degrees

  • Ed.D. Texas Southern University
  • M.S. Texas Southern University
  • M.B.A. Texas Southern University
  • M.Ed. Prairie View A&M
  • B.S. Prairie View A&M