Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences (M.S. and Ph.D. Programs)

Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences (PDF)
Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences Overview (PDF)

The graduate programs offer broad-based education to prepare independent and creative scientists with skills in drug discovery, drug development, and pharmacogenomics leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.

TSU Graduate School

Graduates of Foreign Schools of Pharmacy

The following stipulations have been approved by the faculty of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences for all graduates of foreign schools of pharmacy seeking the entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy from Texas Southern University:

  1. All applicants must take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT), which will be used to evaluate competency in pre-pharmacy courses.
  2. All applicants must successfully complete the required course material in the four professional years (entry-level Pharm. D.) here at Texas Southern University in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences before the Pharm. D. can be conferred.
  3. All applicants must complete at least 34 semester credit hours at Texas Southern University. The courses must include the State of Texas requirements in history and government, Pharmacy Jurisprudence, Pharmacotherapeutics, Prescription Practice, Biopharmaceutics, Applied Pharmacokinetics and Clinical/Institutional Community Practice Experiential Program.
  4. All applicants must meet the foreign language requirements of the university.

Applicants may petition the faculty during the first semester of residency if they wish to participate in a comprehensive examination in any particular area of the curriculum. Emphasis will be placed on the applicant's previous exposure to the material. Examinations will be administered on an individual basis with the faculty's consent.