Applications for admission to all graduate degree programs of the University are processed through the Graduate School of the University. All applications for admission to a major program are reviewed by a designated representative of the academic department and recommendations are submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School. Persons interested in applying for admission to the Graduate School should write directly to the office of the Graduate School.

Types of Admission

Unconditional - An applicant who is unconditionally admitted to the Graduate School is immediately eligible to pursue a program of study leading to the Master's degree or the Professional Certificate. Each applicant should choose a field of specialization and work out a degree plan in consultation with his advisor.

Conditional - Applicants who are admitted to the Graduate School on condition fall into three categories -- graduates of unaccredited colleges and universities, applicants with scholarship deficiencies, and those with an unsatisfactory undergraduate sequence for the major area.

Special Student - Three categories of students may register as "Special Students":(1) those students who do not wish to become applicants or candidates for a master's degree, (2) those students who do not completely qualify for admission as "Degree Applicants," and (3) those students who because of low quality of performance are removed from the status of "Degree Applicants."

Special students in the first category are not required to name a field of specialization. They may select any course for which they have satisfactory preparation and which will serve their purpose in attending the University.

Special students who have voluntarily selected this status (category 1 ) and who later desire to become degree applicants must comply with all admission requirements and have their credits earned as special students reviewed to determine if the credits can be applied toward the degree sought. The student may find that some or all of the credits earned as a special student may not count toward the degree sought.

Transient Students - Students who are enrolled in the graduate school of another university may take up to six (6) graduate credit hours at Texas Southern University upon the recommendation of an appropriate official of the student's home institution.

Senior in Graduate Courses - A senior in Texas Southern University of superior scholastic ability, who needs less than ten semester hours for completion of requirements of the bachelor's degree, may be permitted to take graduate courses. Requests from seniors for permission to take graduate courses must be approved by the chairperson of the major department, the dean of the undergraduate college, and the Dean of the Graduate School.

Permission to take graduate courses during the senior year does not constitute admission to the Graduate School. Moreover, such credits may not be applied toward fulfillment of the residence requirement for the master's degree. Not more than six (6) semester hours of graduate course work may be taken by seniors.

Teacher Certification - Students in this category are restricted to taking courses in their teacher certification deficiency plan. They must apply separately for admission to a graduate degree program.

Post Baccalaureate - Students taking undergraduate courses after completing the Bachelor's degree but not admitted to the Graduate School must enroll through the Registrar's office.