Name: Dr. Emily Williams, Chair
Phone: 713.313.7957

Activities & Opportunities

English Club
This organization is open to all English majors, minors, graduate students, and those interested in literary endeavors.

Poetry Day
Each semester students are encouraged to read their original poetry during a festive event.

J. Marie McCleary Interdisciplinary Symposium 
Students are invited to present their research papers at the this scholarly annual venue.

Department Colloquia
The English Department offers opportunities for students to present their ideas and comments in a discussion atmosphere on campus.

Book Club
Several times each semester faculty and students come together to discuss an important book.

Lambda Iota Tau
English majors and minors can petition to join Lambda Iota Tau, an international literary honors society. Inductions take place each February.

World Literary Review
Students join in with faculty to publish this annual online journal.

Students can join in to help produce a newsletter that chronicles events and accomplishments by faculty and students.

Creative Writing
The English Department offers many opportunities for students interested in creative writing, including classes, writing groups, reading opportunities, and publication strategies.