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french program

In today’s global economy, it is necessary to master a second language outside of English. French is spoken on each continent in more than 57 countries by over 500 million people. Most countries in West Africa have French as their official language. In addition to its cultural influence all over the world, French is the second most used language after English for business and communication purposes.

The Department of Foreign Languages offers courses leading towards Minor in French

In selecting a French minor, students must register in the Department of Foreign Languages and seek advisement from departmental advisors. Grades of "C" or better are required in all courses dedicated to either the major or the minor program. No course offered through the Department can be used to satisfy both a core curriculum requirement and a major requirement for graduation. 21 credit hours in French studies are required. For more information on how you can enroll in a minor program in French at TSU, please contact: Dr. Marylise Caussinus, Associate Professor of French, MLK 306, 713-313-7650,

Courses offered in French
FR 131 Elementary French FR 132 Elementary French II
FR 231 Intermediate French I            FR 232 Intermediate French II
FR 331 French Grammar & Composition FR 335 Scientific French
FR 347 Contemporary France FR 432 Business French
FR 438 Directed Study FR 439 French Influence in Africa

Other French-related activities

Students can join Pi Delta Phi, National French Honor Society, TSU Gamma Epsilon Chapter and the French Club. Fundraiser activities, community service requirements, events sponsored by French Consulate and Alliance Française, networking with local French native speakers and International Students’ Association, Mardi Gras Galveston, Festival International de Louisiane, Film Festivals, study abroad scholarship opportunities, peer to peer tutoring and mentoring, 2 trips to Paris so far…

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