Name: Dr. Jason Oby, Interim Chair
Phone: 713.313.7263



  1. Vocalization to determine range
  2. Singing of one prepared solo piece (2-3 minutes in length) such as an operatic aria, spiritual, art song in any language, traditional or patriotic hymn such as The Star Spangled Banner; America the Beautiful, etc.).
  3. Sight-singing (a short excerpt from a large choral work or a sight reading exercise)
  4. Testing of tonal memory
  5. Brief interview with hearing panel


  1. All major scales (Performance majors: 4 octaves, all other tracks: 2 octaves)
  2. Sight reading simple pieces such as those found in the Bach “Anna Magdalena Notebook” or Bartok “Mikrokosmos” Book 2 and 3
  3. Repertoire:
    Performance: Two contrasting pieces of a level equivalent to Bach Three Part Inventions, Beethoven Op. 49 or early Haydn, Mozart sonatas

    Other tracks: Two contrasting pieces of a level equivalent to Bach Two Part Inventions, Mozart Viennese Sonatinas, Clementi or Kuhlau Sonatinas


Composition and Theory

Portfolio of Compositions

Jazz Studies


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