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degree requirements

The Department of Social Work offers courses in Social Work (SOCW) and the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Social Work. The B.A. in Social Work is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Unlike many of the departments offering undergraduate degrees at the University that allow students from other disciplines to declare minors therein, this unit does not allow the declaration of a minor in Social Work. Additionally, students pursuing the B.A. in Social Work are not required to declare a minor in a second academic discipline.

The mission of the Department of Social Work is to prepare students from diverse backgrounds for entry-level generalist professional social work practice with special attention to the complexities of the urban environment. This preparation, with its foundation in professional knowledge, values, and skills, emphasizes practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities, especially populations at risk. As reflected in the program goals below, these populations include, in particular, people of color (specifically African Americans) as well as other groups identified as most vulnerable to poverty, violence, disabilities, and economic and social inequities. Further emphasis is placed on the development of advocates for system and policy changes that promote social and economic justice given the challenges of urban settings and global conditions.

The baccalaureate Social Work Program expresses its commitment to social work’s purpose, values and ethics throughout the various components of the curriculum wherein students are exposed to the values and ethical foundation consistent with that of the social work profession. The knowledge and skills acquired over the course of the program are directly correlated to 41specific practice behaviors which operationalize the CSWE’s 10 Core Competencies as defined in the 2008 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards.

The liberal arts perspective, social science cognates and social work courses (core and electives) provide opportunities to learn about and incorporate the ethical and value orientations necessary for effective practice. Faculty are fully aware of the necessity to introduce to students, nurture and facilitate the continual attention to the values and ethical positions of the profession to guide practice actions. Further instruction supports the professional commitment to continue contributing to the ongoing assessment of these perspectives. Each of the program goals addresses the purpose, values and ethics of the profession to some degree and is derived from its mission in order to:

1. Prepare students for entry-level generalist social work practice with client systems of all sizes and types, especially
concerned with the complexities of urban settings.
2. Prepare students for practice with diverse populations, especially African Americans, other people of color, and     
populations at risk to social and economic inequities nationally and globally.
3. Prepare students with knowledge, values and skills for practice that will further develop the profession and promote just, more humane, and equitable service delivery.
4. Provide a comprehensive curriculum infused with values and ethics of the profession as a guide for social work practice.
5. Provide students with a strong educational foundation that fosters a commitment to continuous personal and professional development, and advanced training, especially for those who aspire to pursue graduate education.

Students wishing to pursue the undergraduate degree offered through the Department must first gain admission to the University, must satisfy THEA and/or other university placement responsibility requirements and eradicate identified deficiencies through Student Academic Enhancement Services, and must petition the Department for admission as THEA and appropriate courses are completed. Each student must be admitted by the Department, as a major, before attempting to meet all of the requirements for the degree. Interested students are asked to contact the Department Office upon admission to the University in order to obtain admissions information and procedures. No academic credit is given for prior life experiences.

The overall Social Work major is structured to conform to a “Curriculum Guide” that is available for reference in the Social Work Department. This guide outlines the required sequence of courses that must be completed satisfactorily through the senior year. It also assures the preparedness of students for placement in field education in various community agencies.

A total of 50 credits is required in Social Work for completion of the B.A. degree in which grades of “C” or better must be earned. Grades of “C-” are unacceptable in core Social Work courses and in cognate courses taken in psychology and sociology. A student who has two (2) unsatisfactory grades in a given core Social Work course will not be permitted to reenroll for a third time. Therefore this student must meet with their faculty advisor for further academic guidance.

No more than three grades below a “C” may be earned in all other courses. Where courses are part of a liberal arts content area, students may not earn consecutive grades of C- or below in the represented discipline. A grade below a “D” will not be accepted for credit.

All courses required through the junior year must be completed satisfactorily in order for students to progress to the senior year Block I and the required associated Block I Field Placement. Courses required during the senior year are organized into two blocks: Block I and Block II. In order to proceed to Block, a minimum GPA of 2.5 must be accrued by the end of the junior year. Block I courses (SOCW 440, SOCW 440L, SOCW 443, SOCW 444, SOCW 444S, and SOCW 450) must be taken concurrently during the first half of the senior year. Students who receive a C- or below in more than one Block I course must petition the Department and receive approval to proceed to Block II.

Block II courses (SOCW 439, SOCW 441, SOCW 441L, SOCW 446, SOCW 446S, and a SOCW elective, if applicable) must be taken concurrently during the second half of the senior year. An exit examination is required of graduating seniors. Please note: Social Work graduates are required to pass the state licensing examination in order to practice social work in the state of Texas.

In summary, interested students must first gain admission to the University; must meet their THEA and/or other university placement responsibility; must fulfill prerequisites referenced above; and must petition for admission to the Department. The Social Work major has specific entrance requirements that must be met before acceptance can be granted. Students are provided with extensive advisement once admitted to ensure proper progression toward graduation, and an exit examination is required of graduating seniors. For additional information, questions regarding the Social Work major, department location and parking may be directed to (713)-313-7783.