Name: Associate Professor Cleo House, Chair
Phone: 713.313.7337


The Department of Visual and Performing Arts represents the consolidation of two of the academic disciplines devoted to creative endeavors at the University: Art and Theatre. Through its highly trained and experienced faculty members, in-depth courses are offered to prepare majors for successful careers. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degrees in Art and Theatre are offered along with the B.A. Degree in Art with a Minor or with Teacher Certification and the B.A. in Theatre with a Minor. Also available is a Minor in Art for students pursuing undergraduate degrees in other departments. Members of the Department and departmental facilities are housed among two structures: The John T. Biggers Art Building and the University Auditorium/Ollington-Smith Playhouse. The Administrative office serving the Department of Visual and Performing Arts is located on the first floor of the Rollins-Stewart Music Center in Room 112.