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Project Management Certification Courses

The College of Continuing Education is currently developing relationships with our various schools and colleges here within the university, as well as with service providers from outside the university, in an effort to create a comprehensive set of certificate programs that are designed to enhance the skills of people in various professional settings. We will be announcing each of these new programs as they become available. We plan to maintain a balance between programs that will be offered in a face-to-face setting with those that will be available online. In the long run, we hope to have as many of our face-to-face offerings also online, offering choice and flexibility to suit each individual's circumstances.
The Project Management program is a major milestone in our journey towards our ultimate objective of multiple offerings. It also takes pride of place because Project Management is not only a relatively new field but also one that is growing in leaps and bounds. The demand for people with knowledge and skills in project management is very high, even in the current economic climate. Corporations are hiring project management personnel every day. These are jobs that pay extremely well, even for those entering with only the very basic levels of certification.

Below are some FAQ's, please click on the question to expand answers.

What is Project Management?
The Project Management Institute (PMI), the premier credentialing body for professionals in this field, defines project management succinctly as:
The application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. It's a strategic competency for organizations, enabling them to tie project results to business goals — and thus, better compete in their markets.
Who qualifies to be a Project Manager?

This is one of the greatest attractions of this program, anyone who has some college level education, an open mind, willingness to learn, can become a project manager. Of course, there are different levels of project management and, as one progresses up the ladder the skill sets required become more complex and one's educational background becomes a factor that will determine the level to which one may rise.

Our certificate programs will cover 5 levels of certification currently recognized by PMI, that is:

Elementary Introductory - Ready To Work Certificate Program
Comprehensive Fundamental - PM Fundamentals Certificate
Specialist - Project Management Certificate
Intermediate - Senior Project Executive Certificate Program
Advanced - Master Project Management Certificate
How will the program be offered?
In this initial phase, since the majority of people expressing interest are already in some form of employment, the program will be offered completely online only, allowing them to study without disrupting their work schedules. For the same reasons, these courses lend themselves very well to becoming and “add-on” for students currently studying full-time and are about to graduate but want to have an extra edge over the competition as they enter the job market.
Who accredits these certificates?
These certificates lead to professional membership of the Project Management Institute, which accredits professionals in that profession. It has credentialed membership in over 185 countries. All the courses in this program are also reviewed and approved by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training, a globally recognized issuer of continuing education credits.
What advantage does PM certification give me?
In addition to earning Continuing Education Units, for those whose professions have that as a requirement, certain levels of certification may also qualify for direct college credit that could be used towards a management degree at either the undergraduate or graduate level. However, the biggest advantage, by far, is that people with entry level certifications can easily command salaries upwards of $60 000 per year.
What will it cost?

Certification in PM is becoming increasingly expensive, obviously because of the demand for people with those qualifications and how much the positions pay. The most advanced levels of certification can cost about the same as the annual cost of tuition for an undergraduate degree program. However, in this case, we enjoy a competitive discounted rate, details of which can be discussed with applicants depending on the level of certification sought. Rates per hour range from just under $4 per credit hour taken to $63.85 per hour for the most advanced levels. The most basic program, which requires 20 hours of class costs only $99, while the most commonly sought certification, the comprehensive fundamental requires 85 hours at about $40 per hour.

Online Certificate Program



Hrs in Program


Tuition $/hr

Ready to Work

Basic Introduction to PM Concepts

This Certificate Program is geared toward teens and young adults just entering the work force. The two week Ready, Set, Work Course covers basic project management and professional behavior standards that shows employers that you know what it takes to get things done, FAST, and work responsibly in a professional environment

20 hours

2 CEUs


 Project Management

PM Strength Builder
Cheetah PM
CAPM Exam Prep
PM Career Builder

Individuals in this program earn the Project Management Institute's Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and develop the skills to lead projects of increasing complexity for their organizations, clients and volunteer projects. You can complete this certificate program in less than a month but, in this program, you will be allowed 6 months to complete all the courses in the series. Successful students develop the confidence AND credentials to create much better career prospects.

85 hours

8.5 CEUs


Accelerated Project
Management Masters

PMP® Exam Prep
Cheetah Negotiations
PM Demonstration
PM Toolbox
PM Career Builder

This Program is designed for professionals who want to become leaders of change in their organization as they develop the skills to competently and confidently lead a fast and effective project team. This course can be completed in less than 6 months. However, we give you up to 10 months to complete all of the courses in this series. Students in this program develop the capability AND the credentials to create long term sustainable success for themselves and the organization that they serve.

210 hours

21 CEUs
125 PDUs


 Senior Project
Executive Certificate

Proj. Portfolio Management
Enterprise Wide PM
Selling PM to Senior Executives $310
Establishing a PMO

This certificate program is not about passing a test to demonstrate competency, it is about showing bottom line business results. You can complete this course in 3 months, but we give you up to one year to complete all the courses in the series. In this program you will master the project management skills needed to move your career to the executive level of performance and pay.

130 hours

13 CEUs
130 PDUs


Please read the following refund policy as to regards for a refund for a course.

Refund Policy

Texas Southern University reserves the right to change or cancel courses at anytime if the predetermined minimum enrollment is not attained.  Notification of changes and cancellations will be made by email or telephone. In the event that a course for which you have registered is cancelled, you may transfer to another course or receive a full refund.  Furthermore, a Full Refund can only be awarded if a student withdraws five business days prior to the first class meeting date or, as previously stated,  if the class is cancelled.  There are no partial refunds.  Please allow up to 10-14 business days for the refund to process. 

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