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James Johnson, Jr.

James Johnson


Curriculum and Instruction
328E College of Education
Phone: 713-313-7641

Primary Research Focus

Documenting, understanding, analyzing, and acting on estimated Black-white achievement gaps

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Professional Biography

James A. Johnson Jr. has an undergraduate degree from the City University of New York, a MS from Nova University, and a Ph.D. from the University of California. While in New York City, he served in various roles with numerous private and public social and educational agencies. Appointed as a Ford Foundation Fellow in 1968, Dr. Johnson interned with the Washington Internships in Education, serving as Special Assistant to Mr. Richard Orton, National Director of Head Start. From 1969 to 1973, he was a Program Associate, the Coordinator of System Development, and an Associate Director at the Far West Laboratory for the Educational Research and Development in San Francisco.

In January of 1974, he became Associate Superintendent for Planning, Research and Evaluation in the Public Schools of the District of Columbia; he served until August of 1975 when he became Executive Director of the Louisville Education Consortium and an Associate Professor at the University of Louisville. Dr. Johnson accepted a professorship in Public Administration and Early Childhood Education at Nova University in 1977. He later served as National Professor and Director of Instruction in Nova's National Doctoral Program for Educational Leaders until 1989.

In January 1990, Dr. Johnson was appointed Director of the Division of Special Programs Planning and Implementation at the Texas Education Agency (TEA). He later served as Coordinator of the Divisions of Instruction and Instructional Technical Assistance and as Planner in the Office of the Executive Deputy Commissioner of Education. While at the Texas Education Agency he authored or served as Senior Editor of such reports as Responsible Education: A Plan to Educate All Children, Educational Equity Through Barrier Reduction, and the 1995-97 and 1997-99 Texas State Plan to Reduce the Dropout Rate. He also served with Dr. Jay Cummings as co-architect of Texas Southern University's Center for the Development and Study of Effective Pedagogy for African American Learners (CPAL) and TEA's Program Manager of the CPAL Contracts/Grants.

Dr. Johnson served as Vice-President of the St. George's Senior Housing, Inc. Board of Directors, a member of the Public Sector Industry Committee, Greater Austin @ Work Summit, and as an Associate member of Texas Southern University's CPAL Advisory Board. National Alliance of Black School Educator (NABSE) positions held include Chair, Program Development, Research and Evaluation Commission; Member, NABSE Executive Board; President and Founder, NABSE Council of Affiliate Presidents; Co-author, NABSE publication entitled Saving the African American Child; President, the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Austin, Texas NABSE Affiliates; and Board Member, Texas Alliance of Black School Educators.

He is in his sixth year as a member of NABSE's Demonstration Schools Initiative [Task Force III] which is charged with identifying K-12 schools that provide exemplary educational services to learners of African descent as indicated by criterion referenced and normed test scores. Dr. Johnson currently serves pro bono as Executive Consultant to the Parent Advocacy for Student Success (P.A.S.S.) program – an initiative of the Lighthouse Center located in Fort Bend County, Texas.

Dr. Johnson has been a consultant to numerous federal, state and local governmental, social and educational institutions. He has lectured, led seminars or taught courses on three University of California campuses; at the Universities of Louisville and Kentucky; the Claremont Graduate School; Merrit College; the University of Nebraska at Lincoln; and Howard, Nova, and St. Edward's Universities where courses taught include Human Growth and Development through the Life Cycles, Management and Diversity; Funding Sources and Proposal Preparation; and Conflict Resolution: Topics and Settings.

Additionally, he served as Director of the Administrative Internship Program, as advisor to the MAHS Student Organization and on various University-wide, School of Education and MAHS committees. Dr. Johnson served as Dean of St. Edward's University's Master of Arts in Human Services program for four years.

In the role of Dean, Dr. Johnson had, among others, line responsibility for degree programs in Administration, Conflict Resolution (in which it was also possible for Advanced Certificates in Conflict Resolution and Mediation , Basic Certificates in Mediation , and Certificates in Family Mediation to b e earned), Counseling, Human Resource Management, and Sports Management (in which it was also possible for Certificates in Sports Management to be earned) inclusive of personnel, program, policy, budget and evaluation; and provided services to students in these programs inclusive of ombudsman services, internship development and placement, advisement coordination and oversight, strategically bringing relevant speakers and other experts on campus and into the classroom, tracking and improving graduation and certification rates.

Dr. Johnson's primary responsibilities in his present role as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs are to give leadership to the university's pursuit of NCATE accreditation and to the college of education's doctoral center. Additionally, he has staff responsibility for University programs in Curriculum and Instruction, Health and Kinesiology, Educational leadership (principals and Superintendents), and School and Community Counseling. He also gives leadership to such program liaison activities as: development of a recruitment strategy; retention strategies, involvement of candidates in partnerships among Pre-k – 12 schools, student organization creation and serving as faculty advisor, development and implementing campus visitation programs for student siblings and their parents, supporting the provision of opportunities for students to improve test performance (especially students admitted conditionally), provision of services to students who receive instructional services at an off campus location (indirect responsibility), coordination with department chairs and deans of other colleges, and development of a program/continuous improvement process.

Dr. Johnson is co-author of Cultural and Educational Excellence Revisited: Knowing, Doing, Being, and Becoming as though Saving the African American Child Matters.

Courses Taught
SPED 309 - Survey of Exceptional Children
EDCI 900 - Urban Research, Planning
EDCI 920 - Curriculum Research and Development in Urban Schools
EDCI 921 - Advanced Curriculum Development
EDCI 927 - Independent Study
EDCI 938 - Techniques of Curriculum Evaluation
EDCI 944 - Curriculum Theory
EDCI 950 - Current Trends in Effective Teaching and learning
EDCI 983 - Preparing Educators for Urban Schools
EDCI 995 - Practicum in Urban Education
EDCI 996 - Education and the Urban Dilemma
EDCI 998 - Practicum in Curriculum and Instruction
EDCI 999 - Dissertation

Academic Degrees
Ph.D. Comparative Culture, University of California
M.S. Computer Applications, Nova University
B.A. Education, Brooklyn College

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