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Welcome to the Texas Southern University Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs. I am excited about returning to TSU as Dean.  My first stint at the university was in the 1970s and 1980s.  In meetings with faculty, students, staff, alumni and friends, it is clear to me that the School is firmly committed to academic excellence, high quality teaching, research, and service to meet the challenges of our day and those of the future. 

The School takes pride in preparing the next generation of leaders in the spirit of the two iconic figures from which it takes its name—Barbara Jordan and Mickey Leland.  For students interested in formulating and shaping public policy, the School offers many opportunities for learning, research, professional development, community partnerships, and public engagement.  Located in Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city, we offer opportunities for students to study,  observe, and interact with policymakers and decision makers, test new ideas, develop new models, and implement solution-driven strategies.  

The School offers degrees (BS, Masters, and Ph.D.) in the areas of Administration of Justice, Public Affairs and Administration, and Urban Planning and Environmental Policy.  We encourage multidisciplinary collaborations among all of the university’s professional schools, other institutions, industry and government to ensure we are well positioned to succeed in a rapidly changing world defined by globalization. 
Given TSU’s history and mission as an urban university, the School is uniquely situated to lead the way in integrating the study of politics, administration of justice, urban planning, environmental policy, and practice that respond to urban problems and social inequality in the United States and around the world.  We are firmly committed to incorporating social justice in teaching, research, and service—a lens that brings to the surface the systemic, institutional and structural conditions that constrain opportunity, advancement and development. 

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