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degree programs

The Political Science department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree, while Public Affairs offers a Bachelor of Science degree.  The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree prepares students for careers in various aspects of public service, law, business, journalism, politics, public policy analysis, and education. They learn how to evaluate individual and group behavior in political systems. In addition, the department offers 6 semester hours of American and Texas government credits that are required of all students by the university.

Four-Year Program

The course consists of eight semesters of which includes:  POLS and PA courses.

Basic Course
The course consists of eight semesters of Political Science which includes:  POLS 231, POLS 232, POLS 250, POLS 330, POLS 340, POLS 390 or 391, PA 302, POLS 413, POLS 410 and four POLS electives.

Graduate D

The Political Science Department offers a Master of Public Administration (MPA) Degree and a Dual MPA / Juris Doctorate (JD) Degree in coordination and partnership with the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University.