Dr. Bernnell Peltier-Glaze
Interim Director
Phone: 713-313-6690
Email: glazebm@tsu.edu

Desa Dow, M.Ed
Program Coordinator
Phone: 713-313-6690
Email: tlec@tsu.edu

Teaching and Learning Excellence Center

The Teaching and Learning Excellence Center (TLEC) at Texas Southern University believes in empowering faculty through providing professional development that promotes excellence in teaching and advising. TLEC strives to promote best practices in teaching and advising that will serve as a catalyst to facilitate student learning, growth and retention. The TLEC provides professional learning opportunities and resources customized to support faculty with pedagogical tools that are consistent with the research on how people learn. The TLEC provides opportunities for faculty to reflect on their work, and to share, and learn, from the experience and expertise of their colleagues. The TLEC also aims to promote this reflection in the form of assessment and scholarly research into teaching and learning. By supporting faculty in their work as teachers, our ultimate aim is to support the success of TSU's richly diverse student body and the development of our students as scholars and citizens. As the Interim Director for TSU's first Teaching and Learning Center, established, January 2012, I Welcome you to the TLEC!