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Since 2005, Divine Unity 1, Inc. has served as an independent nonprofit corporation dedicated to increasing self-awareness, self-sufficiency, spiritual enlightenment, education, and guidance for hundreds of minority low-income residents in economically challenged inner-city neighborhoods.

DU1 is uniquely designed dissimilar from any nonprofit corporation or for Profit Corporation in the country. DU1 recognizes the insurmountable odds minorities endure predicated upon years of being oppressed, humiliated, abused, betrayed, and miss educated in a culture voided of empathy and regret for the horrible atrocities propagated against them by a disdained injustice system.

DU1 understands that we must recognize, acknowledge, and accept as a people and a nation that these disregarded brutal events has caused irreparable harm eradicating innumerable hopes and dreams. Whereby allowing disenfranchisement to amass within minority families and communities for centuries. DU1 is divinely fortified to face this impasse head-on knowing the only way to combat and conquer the severity of this condition is via divine leadership, moral discipline, unity and love. DU1 amalgamate in its creed; “we must change our train of thoughts, to change our ways of living”.

The founder of Divine Unity 1, Inc. observed its success as a human rights organization / human rights advocacy organization addresses issues, such as protecting and promoting the broad constitutional rights and civil liberties of individuals and those suffering from neglect, abuse, or exploitation. Divine Unity 1 as a nonprofit corporation has the innate ability through design like no other to change the lives of people and communities improving human existence at its core. Divine Unity 1 potential exceeded far beyond its regional and national boundaries it is unlimited in its vision, scope, and mission.

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