Student Center

Ernest S. Sterling Student Life Center

The Ernest S. Sterling Student Life Center (SSLC) is the epicenter of campus life here at TSU. Students from all over the university converge on this part of campus to engage in the unique social, cultural ( And yes, even educational!) activities at one of Texas's premiere HBCUs. Located on the famous Tiger Walk, the Student Center is home to the Student Government Association (SGA), University Program Council (UPC), Herald Newspaper, Tiger Yearbook, Office of Campus Organizations, TSU Cheerleaders, and Student Activities administrative offices.

TSU's philosophy on the role of Student Activities is best articulated by its Director Mr. Shannon Broussard: "Student activities is not extra-curricular but co-curricular." Student Life Center staff and students know that the events/programs sponsored under the auspices of Student Activities give students the opportunity to implement their ideas in a creative, practical, learning environment.

On any given day, students can be found socializing with classmates, fraternity brothers/sorority sisters, or just plain old friends in the lobby, game room, or in front of the SSLC building. Student organizations sponsor events in the Student Center that range from educational seminars to autograph signings of up and coming Hip Hop and R&B artists.

Also located in the Student Life Center are the Sodexho Food Services, Folette Bookstore, the Copy Center as well as Barber & Beauty Services. In addition to student and university functions, the Student Center provides meeting, event, and conference spaces at competitive prices to the public and private entities.

TSU's Student Activities department maintains membership in the American College Union International (ACUI) and National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) professional associations.

For more information about the Ernest S. Sterling Student Life Center contact:

Ms. Birtenna Bennett
Executive Director of Student Service Operations & Food Service
(713) 313-7069
Mr. Murray Grant 
Student Center Manager
(713) 313-1969
Mr. Jarvis Weber
Maintenance Specialist
(713) 313-1969
Ms. Beverly Arthur
Department Business Administrator
(713) 313-7068
Mr. Shannon Henderson 
Coordinator of Campus Organizations
(713) 313-4233
Ms. Kimberly Shaw
Events Coordinator
(713) 313-7077
Mr. Kala Ellis
Events Coordinator
(713) 313-1015
Ms. Tiyosha Turner 
Coordinator of Student Publications
(713) 313-6705
Mr. Curtis Lee
Student Center Coordinator
(713) 313-7076
Ms. Terry Gray
Program Coordinator
(713) 313-7029
Mr. Shannon Broussard
Director of Student Services Facilities & Special Events
(713) 313-7759
Mr. Brian Jackson
Sr. Systems Analyst
(713) 313-1389