Q:  What is my Tiger One I.D card used for?

A:  Your Tiger One I.D is used to access your residential community door, gates, meal plan, on-campus eateries, and Library usage.

Q:  Can I choose my roommate(s)?

A:  Yes, Students can select a roommate during the application process once the applicant and the applicant’s roommate have all financial obligations completed to be considered.

Q:  Where can I do my laundry?

A:  Each residential community has laundry facilities on the property. Students must purchase a $10 laundry card initially and add funds to the card as needed in order to do laundry throughout the school year.

Q:  Can I have a pet?

A:  Pets are only allowed if approved by the SASO and they will be housed in a specific facility. 

Q:  Can I bring my car?

A:  Yes, all students that reside in TSU campus housing must register their vehicle with the TSU Department of Public Safety. All students who have vehicles must purchase a decal. Contact the parking department @ 713-313-4433 for procedure and pricing.

Q:  Will TSU take responsibility for burglary or theft in the residential community?

A:  No, it is recommended that all students acquire rentals insurance for all personal property of value.

Q:  What are the rules in the residential community?

A:  All university students are governed by the University Student Code of Conduct. In addition, the Residential Life and Housing Student Handbook will serve as the official rules, policies, and procedures in the residential community.

Q:  Will my financial aid pay for housing?

A:  Yes, financial aid can be used to pay for housing. However, students must show proof that their funds will be enough to cover all housing expenses prior to receiving a room assignment. 

  • If you intend to pay for your housing using Financial Aid, your award package must cover 100% of your tuition, fees, and housing costs. 
    • In-state students estimated aid award amount: $19,000
    • Out-of-state students estimated aid award amount: $33,000
    • NOTE: the estimated awards are based on an approved parent plus loan (Approval has to be from the bank)
    • NOTE: Estimated amount above does not include the meal plan. According to these estimates if your financial aid award package does not exceed the estimated amount you will be responsible to pay the meal plan out of pocket. 

Q:  How do I pay my administrative fee and/or 1st Installment?

A:  You may pay your administrative fee or installments on your Online Payment Center , via debit card, credit card, or pay in person, at the Bell Building.

Q:  Do I have to pay the $200 administrative fee out of pocket or can I use my financial aid?

A:  The $200 administrative fee MUST be paid out of pocket to start the housing application process. 

Q: Are the rooms furnished?

A: Yes, all rooms include a bed, desk, and chair.

Q: What size are the beds?

A: The bed size range from twin - full size.

     University Towers/Transformation Village/Lanier West - Extra Long Twin

     University Courtyard/Tierwester Oaks - Full size

Q: Can you bring a T.V.; Microwave and Refrigerator?

A: Additional information regarding what to bring & size will be provided in your move-in packet.

Q: What housing options are available for transgender students?

A: Transgender students are valued members of our on-campus community.  Residence Life strives to provide a safe, inclusive, comfortable, and supportive environment to all students who reside on-campus.  If you have questions or concerns about transgender housing options, please contact our office directly.  You will be directed to a staff member who will take an individual and personal approach to finding the perfect living arrangements.  Housing availability and preference are not guaranteed, so please contact the office as early in the process as possible to ensure the widest variety of housing availability.