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University Research Committee

The University Research Committee consists of research coordinators from each College/ School along with the Associate Provost for Research. The Research Committee is responsible for the oversight, implementation and refinement of the University’s Comprehensive Research Plan. Additionally, they periodically evaluate the research agenda and facilitate the Seed Grant award process.


Univeristy Research
University Research Committee (Research Coordinators)
Name Affiliation Chair Member Alternate
Dr. Linda Gardiner Office of Research X    
Dr. Rochelle Parks-Yancy Business    
Dr. Melanie Lawson CPHS    
Ms. Cassandra Hill TMSL    
Dr. Yaruba Mutakabbir Education   X  
Mr. Peter Marchetti TMSL   X  
Dr. Hyun-Min Hwang COSET   X  
Dr. Jeffrey Lowe Public Affairs   X  
Dr. Karen Kossie-Chernyshev COLABS   X  
Dr. Daniel Adams COLABS   X  
Dr. Vera Hawkins Communications   X