What is the CITI Program?

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program is a subscription that Texas Southern University uses to fulfill the requirements for human subjects and animal research training. The program is online, available 24 hours; 7 days a week at the www.citiprogram.org. Below are some of the benefits of the subscription:

  • Investigators will be afforded the opportunity of completing the required training anytime, as long as the completion occurs prior to protocol approval.
  • Investigators will no longer be required to upload the training certificate in TOPAZ.
  • CITI Program also has an "affiliation" feature in which if members are part of another institution that uses CITI, courses that have already been completed may be able to be used to satisfy TSU requirements and vice versa.
  • The assigned required training will be tailored to align with the contents of the protocol, therefore, investigators will not be assigned training that may be potentially unnecessary.

How will CITI work in the protocol process?

Instead of principle investigators (PIs) being required to submit the training certificate at the time the protocol is submitted, they will have the flexibility to complete the online training as the protocol is being reviewed for approval. CITI account registration and course assignments are created and completed by the principle investigators. Click here to view how to set up your account.

Help from CITI

Help is available on CITI's website for users at the link:

There are multiple topics at this link once you arrive at the page. NOTE: You should not need to click on the "Account & Billing" topic, as there is no fee for these courses.

Do you have a question about your CITI account?
Contact Dr. Frank Caspa at njekeh.caspa@tsu.edu.