University Research Compliance Committees

About the Research Compliance Committees

Please be advised that all research proposals submitted by Texas Southern University's (TSU) research faculty, research staff and graduate students that involve the use of animal models, human subjects, radioactive isotopes and/or certain chemicals and biological hazardous substances must be approved by the respective University Research Compliance Committee (URCC). Principal Investigators may refer to TSU policies and procedures for the use of subjects and substances in research on the Division of Research and Innovation's website. Additionally, the investigator may contact the office of Research Enhancement and Compliance Services (RECS) Director/staff or the respective committee chairs for advice on subject/substance use protocols relative to state and federal agency regulations and TSU guidelines and policies.The completion of applications and/or relevant forms and approval of protocols by the respective committee is mandatory and should be done before the submission of proposals to funding agencies, and before the implementation of any research project involving the use of agency regulated subjects and/or substances.

Hence, it is imperative that the appropriate application and/or forms are completed and submitted to the committees well in advance of rigid deadlines. Applicants should submit their applications 6 weeks in advance of scheduled committee meeting dates to allow ample time for the review process and approval notification. Investigators should contact the respective committee chair(s) when uncertain of whether or not a protocol should be submitted for review.

The following compliance committees are in place at Texas Southern University (click on the committee name for information about the committee and its members):

Institutional Biological & Chemical Safety Committee (IBC)  Open
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)  Open
Institutional Review Board (IRB)  Open
Radiation Safety Committee  Open
University Research Committee  Open