This page contains useful information about the protocol process for TSU investigators. For external (non-TSU investigators), you may click the Protocol Process for non-TSU Investigators link.


Congratulations and welcome to this portion of your research studies! If you are at this point in your academia, you should have completed your research classes, and should be able to create a professional research request (protocol).

Prior to entering your protocol, you should, as a user, have a basic understanding of the following:

Functional Ability Where You Can Obtain Assistance
  1. Uploading/attaching documents through a browser
TSU's OIT Help Desk
  1. Writing a "professional-looking" research request (protocol) and associated documents
  2. Accessing/saving Acrobat (PDF) files
Advisor; PI's committee;
department faculty


Before creating your protocol, have the following documents ready for attaching:

  • Consent Form (if applicable)
  • Instruments (if applicable)
  • Permissions (if applicable)
  • Training Certificates (if applicable)

Do not attach documents that are not requested.  Give your documents appropriate filenames (i.e. for the instrument, name it   survey_instrument) so the committee will be able to quickly recognize them. Only upload Microsoft Word or Acrobat files.

To assist with entering your protocol, you may view/download the flyer   "Tips for Creating an Excellent Protocol" .


View the IACUC protocol review process timeline

View the IRB protocol review process timeline


Do you have a question about the protocol review and approval process?
Contact Dr. Frank Caspa at