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The Center for Justice Research at Texas Southern University is a premier interdisciplinary research think tank dedicated to addressing pressing issues within the criminal justice system through innovative research and collaboration. In our ongoing mission to create evidence-based solutions and policy reform, we are excited to present our latest initiatives during University Research Week. These initiatives include traumainformed gun violence research, prosecutor decision-making, researcher development, and crime-based need assessments in Houston and Chicago:

Trauma-informed gun violence research: Recognizing the profound impact of trauma on individuals and communities affected by gun violence, CJR conducts research that incorporates a trauma-informed lens. This approach helps identify the root causes of gun violence, understand its consequences, and develop effective prevention strategies that address the needs of survivors and affected communities.
Prosecutor decision-making: Prosecutorial discretion plays a critical role in determining case outcomes and contributes to disparities within the criminal justice system. CJR investigates the factors that influence prosecutor decision-making, exploring ways to enhance transparency, fairness, and consistency in prosecutorial practices. Our research informs policy recommendations aimed at reducing biases and promoting equitable outcomes in the justice system.

Researcher development: At CJR, we are dedicated to fostering the growth of the next generation of criminal justice researchers. Our researcher development program provides students and early-career professionals with opportunities for mentorship, training, and hands-on research experience. This initiative helps cultivate a diverse group of researchers who are equipped to address the complex challenges facing the criminal justice system today and in the future.

Chicago Needs Assessment: In collaboration with local stakeholders, CJR conducts a comprehensive needs assessment to identify the most pressing issues related to criminal justice, public safety, and community wellbeing in Chicago. This initiative aims to better understand the underlying factors contributing to crime and violence and develop targeted interventions to address the specific needs of Chicago residents.

Criminal Justice Research Hub: The Criminal Justice Research Hub is a collaborative platform designed to connect researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and community organizations working to address critical issues in the criminal justice system. As part of its mission, the Research Hub focuses on conducting a comprehensive violent crime needs assessment in Houston, aiming to identify the most pressing issues related to criminal justice, public safety, and community well-being in the city.

Join us for University Research Week as we present our innovative projects, engage in stimulating discussions, and collaborate towards a more just and effective criminal justice system. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and communities affected by the justice system. Be sure to look for these exciting initiatives on our website by signing up for our newsletter at www.tsu.edu/justiceresearch.