On this page are policies and procedures that serve a threefold purpose:

  1. to serve as a measurement in adhering to governing controls that are in place;
  2. to provide consistency in our day-to-day practices; and
  3. to provide the launching pad of adaptability towards improvement.

These documents will be periodically updated according to regulatory changes as appropriate as well as for process improvement. In addition, for those policies that are pertinent to the respective committees, updates will be made in order to remain in alignment with governing agencies.


Policy - a principle by which an entity is guided

Procedure - the detailing of how to accomplish a task, whether or not the task is a principle in nature

Documents on this page are policies and procedures; some procedures are separate from the policy, as while the policy may remain the same, the process for enacting the policy may change. Some documents are procedural in nature only, serving the purpose of ensuring consistency in accomplishing certain tasks, wherein no policy is required for the task. Not all policies listed here will have an accompanying procedure, as procedures may differ, yet continue to meet the requirements of the policy.

To view a document, click on the document name, and the document will open in a separate window.