The Research Proposal Development unit facilitates the planning, organization and submission of academic grant proposals. Research development professionals started emerging on college campuses across the nation in the mid-90s. Overwhelmed by increasing demands on their teaching and service, faculty wanted persons with whom they could work on the often grueling logistics of grant applications. Thus, sponsored programs offices began hiring peer-scholars who could work with full-time faculty to facilitate the processes of securing and maintaining innovative research funding. Today, the National Organization of Research Development Professionals is an international collective of scholar-administrators dedicated to serving the faculty on their campuses and supporting their colleagues across the globe.

Texas Southern University has employed Dr. David Owerbach as its Proposal Development Officer since January 2011. Dr. Owerbach has a background in Science and Education, and responds to the University's strategic goals for individual, interdisciplinary, and inter-institutional research by providing resources and training. Among the most trainings/workshops requested are:

  • locating project funding and proposal development (1-on-1 and group interactions with faculty)
  • editing of faculty manuscripts for publication
  • working with InfoEd SPIN (Sponsored Program Information Network)
  • grant writing and proposal development workshops
  • assisting with grant budgets
  • maintaining TSU's Research and Publication databases
  • developing student research internships with outside agencies

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