Tuition and Fees

How can I view my account balance?  Open
Are there any fees that I can get waived?  Open

Payments and Installment Plans

Is there a payment plan for the Summer?  Open
Are housing and meal plans covered in the installment plans?  Open


When do refunds begin?  Open
How do I receive my refund?  Open


When will I receive my 1098T form?  Open
I did not receive my 1098T form, how do I get a copy?  Open
My 1098T is incorrect.  Open
Why Didn’t I Receive a 1098T?  Open
My SSN is incorrect on my 1098-T?  Open
How do I get a reprint of my 1098-T?  Open


How much is parking?  Open
Can I have parking billed to my account?  Open
Can I pay and pick up a transcript for my friend?  Open
Can I get my Tiger id card billed to my account?  Open
What will happen if I graduate owing a bill?  Open
How do I change my mailing address?  Open
I am being charged international health insurance.  Can I get this charge waived?  Open