Texas Southern University is committed to executing contracts in compliance with applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and agency advisory opinions, judicial and administrative determinations.

All contracts providing for expenditure of University funds or resources must be reviewed and approved by the Office of General Counsel prior to signature by the University official with delegated authority. The Contract Administration Policy (MAPP 08.04.01) regulates the administration of and approval process for contracted goods and services. Additionally, the University has developed a Contract Administration Manual which provides checklists, standard forms, and flowcharts to make the TSU contracting process easier. This guide contains basic contracting information to assist you in the processing and review of your contracts/agreements.

The OGC and Office of Institutional Compliance have developed standard forms which have been reviewed and approved by the OGC to assist in expediting contracts to meet the needs of the University community. Please be advised that depending on the nature of your business, a standard form may not be applicable. If that is the case, please contact the OGC for assistance. If you have suggestions or requests for the development of new standard contracts, please email your suggestions to legalgeneralcounsel@tsu.edu.