Service of a subpoena relating to the University from any person or government entity should be served at the Office of General Counsel, 3100 Cleburne St., Hannah Hall, Room 340, Houston, Texas 77004, by a sheriff or constable or other person authorized by a law or any person authorized by law or court order who is eighteen years of age and not a party to or interested in the outcome, in compliance with Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

University employees cannot accept service of legal documents on behalf of the University (see Delegation of Authority). If the document to be served names a University employee personally in his/her official capacity, the document should be served at Office of General Counsel (OGC). OGC will review the documents to determine appropriate action and discuss it with the individual. If the document to be served is addressed to a University employee and it concerns a non-University related matter, please contact OGC first for an attorney to asses the circumstances.

University employees may receive other official legal documents from time to time, such as complaints, bankruptcy notices, liens, class action paperwork, lawsuits, requests for educational records or notices from outside attorneys. When such paperwork is received, University employees should immediately forward the paperwork to the Office of General Counsel.