TSU COVID Testing Hours

Student, Staff and Faculty Testing

Please check back frequently as testing hours may change to accommodate campus testing needs.

Testing Hours Effective August 8, 2022:

Student Testing
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday:  8:00 am to 12:00 noon 
Wednesdays:  8:00 am to 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Location: H&PE109

Faculty & Staff Testing
Monday - Thursday:  8:00 am to 12:00 noon 
Location: Gray Hall 235
Faculty & Staff can test at H&PE 109 if that location is more convenient. 

If a student tests positive and they test at a university testing site, they will be contacted within 24 hours or less with next steps and an isolation letter.

If a student tests positive at an external testing site, they must report to COVID Prevention, and they will be contacted with their isolation letter.

COVID Prevention is open daily until 2:00 pm but email access is available 24 hours at covidprevention@tsu.edu

Testing Information

Through the JUST Project, Texas Southern University offers free COVID-19 testing for employees and students are no cost. All tests are PCR based and analysis is conducted by our accredited CLIA laboratory that is located within the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Results are typically available within 24 hours or less. An email from CareEvolve will alert you that your results are ready to view. In rare cases results may take longer than 24 hours. 

If students or employees test positive, the results will be reported to the COVID Prevention Center surveillance investigation unit in consideration of the public health risks and the university’s educational interests. All who test positive will be asked a series of questions about contact with other Texas Southern University affiliates as part of the investigation and contact notification process, to help determine if others may have been exposed in the workplace/learning environment.

Any meaningful exposures to a COVID-19-positive case will be notified, without being told the identity of the COVID-19-positive person. Anyone who is identified as having been exposed will be directed to get tested if they are vaccinated or to self-quarantine for a period of time if unvaccinated. 

Employees and students will be given an official notice of isolation or quarantine via email and are told to present the email to their supervisors and professors. This official email from the COVID Prevention Center with an isolation/quarantine start and end date serves as notice that the test result/exposure has been verified and the employee has been cleared to isolate/quarantine. 

If you are not contacted by the surveillance investigation unit, the COVID Prevention Center has determined that no meaningful contact with or exposure to a COVID-19-positive has taken place. All students and employees are required to stay at home while they are sick or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. 



COVID Testing FAQs

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