COVID-19 Vaccines Q&A

Is the University offering COVID vaccines?  Open
Can the University require the COVID-19 vaccine?  Open
Does the University require proof of vaccination for any reason or can a supervisor request proof of vaccination for any reason?  Open
Can the University recommend the COVID-19 vaccine?  Open
As a supervisor, may I ask who has had the COVID-19 vaccine?  Open
Will I know if my co-workers or students are vaccinated? Can I or should I ask?  Open
If I get the COVID-19 vaccine, do I need to be tested or quarantine if I am exposed to someone with COVID-19?  Open
Can I require (or invite) only vaccinated employees to attend in-person meetings?  Open
If I choose not to be vaccinated, can I continue to work remotely?  Open
Do I still need to wear a face-covering and practice social distancing on campus if I have received the COVID-19 vaccine?  Open
Will I need to show proof of taking the COVID-19 vaccine to attend university events?  Open
Can I get time off work to get the COVID-19 vaccine?  Open
Can In-Person Office Meetings Resume?  Open