TSU Graphic Standards


About Our Identity

As Texas Southern University strengthens its public image, one of the key components of a strong institutional brand is a unified graphic identity. Texas Southern University’s brand is not simply a logo, mark, or symbol. It is the sum total of our constituents’ experiences with Texas Southern. It is our reputation. It is the perception that students, parents, alumni, donors, members of the community and the outside world have of this University.

Whether coming from the president, a college or school, an academic unit, the recruitment office or the development office, all TSU marketing, and communication materials should reflect, reinforce and strengthen our brand. They should be produced in a professional manner, with consistent messages and look that communicate the excellence of this institution.

In order to maintain that continuity across all official materials, including print and electronic media, all marketing and communication materials will henceforth be required to adhere to standards outlined in this Visual Identity Guide. The goal of this guide serves as an invaluable resource that creates a framework whereby all of our units and organizations can work independently to represent TSU in a consistent manner, while still maintaining their own unique identities.

As a result, all printed and electronic material from Texas Southern University will reflect the pride and dignity that Texas Southern University has maintained for 85 years.

Download the Texas Southern University Graphic Standards Guide

To request logos, please contact Andrew McCray at andrew.mccray@tsu.edu or 713-313-7793.