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Bystander Intervention

Bystander Intervention Is A Prevention Strategy That Involves A Bystander Actively Interventing When They Witness Potentially Harmful Or Harmful Situations Occurring.

It Is Choosing To Take Action When You See Behavior That Puts Others At Risk For Violence, Victimization, Or Perpetration.

Bystander Intervention Can Include:

  1. Speaking Out Against Sexual Misconduct Myths;
  2. Speaking Out Against Sex Discrimination, Sexual And Gender Harassment, Sexual Violence;
  3. Supporting Individuals Who Experience Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, And Sexual Violence;
  4. Intervening When Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment And Sexual Violence Is Occurring.

Any Bystander Has The Ability To Actively Help Prevent Harmful Events Directed Towards Another From Occurring By Employing The Four (4) D’s Approach One Or More Of The Four (4) D’s Strategies Can Be Used When Confronted With Problematic Situations:

  1. Distract – Distract One Or More Of The People Involved With The Goal Of Interrupting The Behavior (I.e. Change The Subject, Diffuse Situation);
  2. Delegate – Report The Incident To People Who Can Intervene (I.e. Calling Security/police Or Campus Officials);
  3. Direct – Directly Confront The Harasser And Emphasize That The Behavior Is Not Okay (Make Sure It Is Safe Before Using This Strategy);
  4. Delay – Follow Up With The Person Who Was Harmed And Assist Them With Getting Help If Needed.

Title IX regulations require University officials responsible for responding, investigating, and adjudicating Title IX incidents must complete annual training and publish documents verifying training. Texas Southern University Officials (i.e., Title IX Coordinator, Investigators, Hearing Officers, and Informal Resolution Facilitators) completed training that addressed items such as: Title IX jurisdiction; Understanding sexual harassment; How to conduct investigations with impartiality and without bias; and how to conduct hearings and informal resolutions.

Texas Southern University Title IX Office has completed the following trainings:

Title IX Staff Completed Training

2023 - 2024 Training  Open

University Departments and Organizations can request personalized Title IX trainings. To request trainings, please email requests to the Office of Title IX at titleix@tsu.edu

Contact the Office of Title IX if you have questions.