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MyTSU Mail is the official TSU email

MyTSU Mail is hosted by Microsoft, so students have all the benefits of using Outlook.

MyTSU Mail address uses <first initial + last name + last four digits of T-Number> (ex.,, and it is accessed using the same login credentials as MyTSU.

Along with your TSU email address, your account also includes access to Office365 Applications. We recommend that you take advantage of your Office365 applications for cloud-based access and storage of documents, which includes unlimited cloud storage using Microsoft OneDrive.

Log in to MyTSU Mail

Note: If you have emails, files, etc. prior to the launch date, check your Gmail Archive


Frequently Asked Questions

What is my e-mail address?  Close

Your MyTSU Mail account is identical to your MyTSU student account. Your e-mail address will be your

For example,

  • John Doe's email address would be
  • Jane Smitherson-Johnson's email address would be
How do I access my TSU email?  Open