The Texas Legislature passed a bill designated HB-2504 that mandated that all public institutions of higher learning in the State of Texas make available to the public, certain information concerning academic programs. These statutory provisions are now included in Section 51.974 of the Texas Education Code.

Texas Education Code 51.974 mandates that certain information:

  • Including class syllabi,
  • Instructor-of-record CVs and,
  • Cost of attendance (if available)
    • Must be readily accessible on the institution’s website
    • Specifically, no more than three clicks from the main webpage and, without password protection

How to Upload Faculty CV/Syllabi

MyTSU Faculty portal streamlines the HB2504 process by automatically creating an intuitive submission tool for a syllabus that can be submitted in three easy clicks and linked to a specific course. Faculty can also create and submit curriculum vita information within their MyTSU faculty portal, to be included with course information and fully accessible online.

Need Help?

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