ID Cards Are Mandatory

It is advisable that members of the university community have identification with them at all times. Texas Southern University Board of Regents has the authority under Texas law to enact rules and regulations governing the conduct of all persons on campus. Texas Southern University Police are commissioned peace officers and are empowered by the Regents to stop any person on campus for the purpose of obtaining identification. Persons without legitimate business on campus may be asked to leave.

Section 51.209 of the Texas Educational Code states that "The governing board of a state institution of higher education or its authorized representatives may refuse to allow persons having no legitimate business to enter on property under the board's control, and may eject any undesirable person from the property on his refusal to leave peaceably on request. Identification may be required of any person on the property."

Section IX of the University's Operations Manual states "Under the University's security regulations, identification (ID) cards are issued to all permanent University employees. ID cards must be carried on campus and must be shown when requested by proper authority ."

Section One of the Student Code of Conduct manual "... requires each student to carry a current semester TSU identification card at all times, and be willing to produce it promptly upon request of any University official acting within proper authority." Section Four of the manual states that any violation of the Code will subject the student to immediate disciplinary action.

Students' failure to carry a validated TSU identification card and presenting it upon request to any bona fide University official is a violation of the University's Student Code of Conduct Handbook. This violation is subject to disciplinary probation, warnings, reprimands, or other sanctions deemed necessary by the Judicial Officer. A student or employee's lack of proper identification could lead to the allegation of criminal trespass.