News & Events

News & Events
Northside: Profile of a Latino Community in Houston Photography Exhibition
Date: Jan. 30 ~ May 3, 2017 opening ceremony January 31, 2017, 1-3p.m.
Location: MLK 3rd Floor
Black History Month Garifuna Symposium, Foreign Languages & History
Date: February 22, 2017 10a.m~1p.m.
Location: PAB 104 or 108
French Mardi Gras Celebration with the French Club
Date: February 28, 2017, 4p.m.-8p.m
Location: Galveston, TX
Cesar Chavez Day Celebration, Foreign Languages & History
Date: March 24, 2017 10a.m.`1p.m.
Location: PAB 104 or 108
French Panel at COLABS Collaborates Symposium
“From the Middle Passage to Black Lives Matter”

Date: March 28, 2017 1p.m.
Location: PAB 104 or 108
International Poetry Exhibition
Date: April, 2017
Location: MLK 3rd Floor
The 8th Annual International Culture Festival
Date: April, 2017 10a.m.~1p.m.
Location: TSU Student Center