Undergraduate Scholarship 

The Department of Music at Texas Southern University aims to encourage the pursuit of music as a profession and provide financial assistance to qualifying applicants interested in completing a music degree at Texas Southern University. In addition to scholarships offered by the university, ensemble directors offer generous scholarships to musicians who excel in their art. These scholarships are awarded based on various factors including auditions and ensemble need. Contact the directors below for specific requirements.


Ensemble Directors

Jason Oby
Jason.Oby@tsu.edu  | 713-313-7236

Jazz Ensembles
Dr. Brian Perez
Brian.Perez@tsu.edu | 713-313-7367

Opera Workshop
Dr. Gwendolyn Alfred  
Gwendolyn.Alfred@tsu.edu  | 713-313-1385

Symphony Orchestra
Benjamin Grube
Brian.Perez@tsu.edu | 713-313-7367

Wind Ensemble
Kendrick Redding
Kendrick.Redding@tsu.edu  | 713-313-4467


Bennie Creswell Music Alumni Scholarship

The Bennie Creswell Music Alumni Scholarship will offer one undergraduate scholarship, up to $3500, for an exceptional junior or senior music major each academic year to further assist in their completion of a music degree. The scholarship is open to current TSU music majors, or transfer music majors, who have successfully completed a minimum of 45 credit hours towards a music degree. Music majors interested in applying for the scholarship will show exceptional music talent, academic focus, and financial need.