Pharm.D. Admission Decisions

Each year TSU admits a limited number of students to the Doctor of Pharmacy program.  The admissions process is competitive and seeks out students with demonstrated academic ability in the pre-pharmacy curriculum, good moral character, critical thinking skills, professional demeanor, developed leadership skills, and the aptitude to perform all tasks regularly expected of a registered pharmacist. 

Texas Southern University admits students without regard to their sex, disability, race, color, creed, or national origin and entitles them to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded to its students. Texas Southern University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, academic and other standards, or other standards.

Decision Criteria

  1. Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum GPA: TSU calculates two GPAs an overall Pre-requisite GPA and a Math and Sciences GPA.  When calculating these GPAs, we include all attempts, and both must be at a minimum of 2.50.  While grades of D- to C- are acceptable for core requirements, admission to the program is competitive, and these grades significantly impact your overall GPA.  Students who meet the GPA requirements but may have a number of grades below a "C" may be referred to the admissions committee for secondary review before an admissions interview is extended.

  2. Pre-Pharmacy Prerequisite CompletionApplicants should have all prerequisites completed by the end of the Summer I semester preceding the cycle they are applying for to be eligible for consideration, and students must submit transcripts to PharmCAS at the end of the spring semester prior to enrollment that shows all in-progress courses. Students who are taking courses in the summer may be required to submit official transcripts to the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences directly.
  3. Interviews:  TSU has implemented multiple mini-interview processes where students will be able to interview with three committees comprised of professional staff, faculty, and advisory members. This year we will provide face-to-face and virtual interview days.  After your interviews, you will receive notification of the college's admissions decision.

 What to Expect Once Admitted

  1. Seat Deposit: Once you have been officially offered admission to the program you will be able to pay your $500.00 seat deposit on your University account.
  2. Social Security Number: Once you have been offered admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program, you are required to have a Social Security Number for the purpose of a criminal background check to receive an internship card (Texas Government Code 411.0845). Since internships begin in the first semester of the Doctor of Pharmacy program, prospective students should have a Social Security card upon admission.
  3. Summer Academy: Students participate in a summer orientation program in the summer designed to prepare them for the transition into the professional phase of the pharmacy program. All students accepted to the Pharm. D. program are required to attend the Summer Academy offered annually during the Summer.
  4. Immunizations & Background Checks
  5. Submit any outstanding transcripts from in-progress courses.

    Submit official updated final transcripts (if requested) to COPHS for in-progress coursework.