The Honors College Advisory Board

The mission of the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College Advisory Board is to help the College attract, retain and cultivate scholars, preparing them for citizenship and leadership in the global community. 

The Honors College Advisory Board embodies all aspects of our core values - honesty, integrity, community, creativity and excellence.

Members of the board represent diverse walks of life, including international diplomacy, global corporations, health care, legal professions, education, and the general community. They offer guidance to the College and will help it identify support for initiatives such as: 

  • Academic Program Enhancement: support through internships, externships, job-shadowing; career opportunities and placement 
  • Community Outreach: establish community service projects that reflect our commitment to service and servant leadership; projects may also serve as recruitment opportunities for high-achieving high school students.
  • Fundraising: raise funds through events and campaigns; support funding for program enhancement activities such as conferences; scholarships for application to professional and graduate programs; support for study abroad participation. 
Honorable Teta V. Banks, Ed.D.  Open
Gloria Batiste-Roberts, Dr. P.H., LMSW-AP  Open
Charlotte Booker, J.D.  Open
Rodney Cox, M.S., R.Ph.  Open
Larry L. Dennis, P.E.  Open
Reagan Flowers, Ph.D.  Open
Sandra Fullerton, J.D.  Open
Bruce Matson, D.D.S.  Open