Dr. Hector Miranda

Dr. Hector C. Miranda, Jr. assumed the role of interim dean of the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College in January of 2023. Dr. Miranda has served under three deans in the Honors College during the past 10 years, first as interim assistant dean, then as assistant dean.

During his early career years, Dr. Miranda worked as a naturalist studying the life history of the Philippine Eagle, one of the largest, rarest and most endangered birds of prey in the world. His work on the eagles and the rainforest was cited by National Geographic, and Der Spiegel in Germany. He led numerous expeditions in the remote jungles of the Philippines studying biogeography and molecular evolution in the islands. 

After earning his Ph.D.  at the University of Cincinnati in 1997, Dr. Miranda held several postdoctoral positions at the University of Cincinnati, Children’s Research Foundation in Cincinnati, University of Michigan, and served as Science Director of the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

Dr. Miranda is a coauthor and one of the artists, for the book A Guide to the Birds of the Philippines, by Oxford University Press (2000), and has published more than 30 peer-reviewed and popular articles.  

Before coming to TSU, Dr. Miranda was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Rollins College. He came to TSU in 2005 and introduced many novel courses, including evolutionary biology, conservation biology, and bioinformatics. He was a co-investigator of a NASA - funded Center for Biotechnology and Environmental Research.

Since 2013, Dr. Miranda has served as the Assistant Dean of the Honors College and has focused mainly on undergraduate research and learning. He created the Freeman Research Journal, an open access digital journal dedicated to showcase the scholarly work of Freeman scholars for the global audience. As the Interim Dean of the Honors College, he manages all the affairs of the College and continues to oversee the senior thesis program. 


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