Mr. Shandon P. Neal

Mr. Shandon P. Neal serves as the Program Coordinator and College Business Administrator (CBA) for the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College. He is also the Scholarship Coordinator for the College. Mr. Neal monitors and manages expenditures as the business officer for the College. He keeps records of all monies coming into the College from state and local budgets, to outside awards through fundraising, grants, and private donors. He travels on sponsored trips for scholars so that all expenditures are documented. As the Scholarship Coordinator, Mr. Neal builds strong relationships with the Office of Scholarships, the offices of Financial Aid and Housing, and keeps a record of all scholarships awarded each scholar from Freshman year to Senior year.

A native Houstonian, Mr. Neal holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership/Administration from Prairie View A&M University. He is a committed leader to lifelong learning.

713-313-1180    713-313-6772    Shandon.Neal@TSU.EDU