Honors College Ambassadors (HCA)

The Honors College Ambassadors Association (HCA) is the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College student organization.

The HCA is comprised of four (4) Committees:

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Honors Recruitment Committee

The Recruitment Committee assists the College in attracting new students. The Honors Scholars participate in Tiger Day, orientation activities and other recruitment programs sponsored by the University. The scholars also accompany faculty and staff to area high schools for college and career fairs.


Honors Mentors Committee

The Honors Mentors is a committee designed to guide new Honors students through their first year of college. Students are paired with a mentor who survived their freshman year and can pass down all of the knowledge and experience they gained throughout their time at TSU and Honors.


Honors Community Outreach Committee

Members of the Honors Community Outreach Committee are in charge of initiating and organizing at least two (2) community service projects per semester.


Honors Social Media Committee

The Honors Social Media Committee is responsible for keeping the campus community and the Honors alumni informed of the events, activities, accolades, and announcements of the Honors College. Committee members share Honors news on various social media outlets as well as in the Honors College's semi-annual newsletter Freeman Honors .

All 4 committees work in tandem to create a holistic college experience for the Honors Scholars. Scholars acquire invaluable opportunities to grow as individuals, build their resumes, gain experience through social service, hone their public-speaking skills, gain digital media skills, and build lifelong friendships.

All Honors College students are required to join and remain active each year as a member of the Honors College Ambassadors (HCA).

The Honors College Ambassadors (HCA) is a student organization. For more information please contact the staff advisor, Ms. Renuka Nair, at 713-313-5029 or Renuka.Nair@tsu.edu

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