The Entertainment and Recording Industry Management program is a student-centered comprehensive undergraduate program committed to ensuring quality education. It offers innovative concentrations responsive to its industry…ultimately transforming diverse students into lifelong learners, engaged citizens, and creative leaders in their local, national, and global communities. We are committed to incorporating innovative teaching techniques and the most recent theories, research, and practices of the Entertainment and Recording Industry Management through an interdisciplinary approach.

Texas Southern University will host the world’s most diverse, prestigious, and comprehensive Entertainment and Recording Industry Management Department. The Department’s objective is to motivate the students to develop their own learning interests and critical thinking to establish a learner-centered environment in the classroom.

Qualified transfer students may transfer up to sixty (60) credit hours from a community college or an accredited institution in any technical area related to Entertainment and the Recording Industry. 

Our students have access to a wide variety of resources, including:

  • Award-winning faculty who are industry experts, working professionals, and accomplished scholars, including local and regional award winners, documentary and feature filmmakers, radio personalities, writers, editors, and producers.
  • State-of-the-art television, film, and radio facilities including a radio station, KTSU 90.9 FM Radio (The Choice), in which to work and learn as early as the first year
  • Unparalleled real-world experience on and off-campus, including hundreds of internship opportunities within 30 miles of Houston, the 4th largest city and 8th largest media market in the U.S.
  • Selecting a concentration is required for students seeking a degree in Entertainment and Recording Industry Management. Students should meet with an academic advisor in ERIM before the end of their first year to select a concentration. We offer four concentrations in ERIM: 
    • Sound & Audio Production Concentration
    • Multimedia Creation Concentration
    • Entrepreneurship & Entertainment Management Concentration
    • Esports & Sports Entertainment Concentration