Become an Employer/Supervisor

To become a work-study employer (supervisor) and employ student workers, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be an employee at Texas Southern University (cannot be a student worker)
  • Must have a Banner identification number
  • Must attend Work-Study Success Orientation
  • Must complete all Supervisor Forms
    • Compliance in Partnership Form
    • Rules & Regulations Form
  • Must email a Work-Study Job Request Form in its original format

If you would like to employ work-study students, please complete and submit the original signed forms to the Work-Study Office.

 All forms must be typed, printed out and signed accordingly.  Only emailed Work-Study Job Request Forms will be accepted.  No scanned copies.

Work-Study Supervisor Forms
Work-Study Success Guide
Work-Study Job Request Form
Status Change Form
Compliance in Partnership Form
Rules & Regulations Form
Strategies to a Healthy Work Relationship
Student Corrective Action Form
Work-Study Timesheet
Work-Study Pay Rate Guide
 *Please email this completed form to

Hourly Pay Rates

Effective August 1, 2013, the Office of Student Financial Assistance has established a Pay Rate Guide for all work-study students.  The pay structure will create consistency in how work-study students are paid, commensuration's with experience and job function.  It reflects three levels of work-study job assignments to reflect skill and experience.

The pay scale promotes equity in administering student work-study pay.  Supervisors determine the student's hourly rate of pay based on the scale.  The student should contact his/her supervisor to resolve any questions regarding hourly rates.

Click to view the Work-Study Pay Rate Guide.

Requesting a Work-Study Student

To request a work-study student, please follow the steps below.

  1. Complete the Work-Study Job Request Form.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted and will be sent back to the supervisor to complete.
  2. The supervisor will be notified via email once the position has been posted.
  3. The student may go online and view open positions on the Work-Study Job Board.  The student will select a job for details and contact the supervisor for an interview.  The student must bring his/her award letter as proof that a work-study award has been accepted on the job interview.
  4. The supervisor interviews the student. If hired, the student provides the supervisor(employer) with the Personnel Action Form (PAF).  The student and supervisor sign and date the PAF; the PAF is returned to the work-study office along with all other documentation.
  5. The student schedules an appointment to attend a Work-Study Success Orientation session.  This is mandatory for all students and supervisors each year.  Supervisors are required to complete orientation prior to hiring student work-study students each year.
  6. The student completes all work-study forms (with the help of the supervisor or work-study coordinator, if needed) and submits them along with the printed Award Letter (myTSUweb) and PAF to the Office of Financial Student Assistance/Work-Study, prior to orientation.
  7. The job posting is removed once the PAF have been received by the work-study coordinator.
  8. The student must provide the supervisor with a signed copy of the Personnel Action Form (PAF).  The student may not begin working until the supervisor has a copy of PAF with authorized signatures and/or a "Ready to Work" email from the work-study coordinator.

Off-Campus Employers

If you would like to employ work-study students, please contact:

Ra'Desha Lee - Work Study Coordinator

Office of Student Financial Assistance | West Parking Garage

Phone:  713-313-6752 | Fax:  713.313.1859 | Email: