Become an Employer/Supervisor

To become a work-study employer (supervisor) you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be an employee at Texas Southern University (cannot be a student worker)
  • Must have a back up supervisor
  • Must have supervisor permission within your job description 
  • Must attend MANDATORY Work-Study Success Orientation
  • Must complete all Supervisor Forms
    • Compliance in Partnership Form
    • Rules & Regulations Form
  • Must email a Work-Study Job Request Form in its original format



Requesting a Work-Study Student

To request a work-study student, please follow the steps below.

  1. Complete the Work-Study Job Request Form.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted and will be sent back to the supervisor to complete.
  2. The supervisor will be notified via email once the position has been posted.
  3. The student schedules an appointment to attend a Work-Study Success Orientation session.  This is mandatory for all students and supervisors each year.  Supervisors are required to complete orientation prior to hiring student work-study students each year.