Frequently Asked Questions

Starting Process/Obtaining I-20

How/when can I get my I-20?  Open
My friend at another school has already received her I-20. Why am I getting mine so late?  Open
I’ve submitted my CERTIFICATION OF FINANCES, financial statements, and other documents. When will I get my I-20?  Open
I am currently studying in F-1 status in the U.S. and want to transfer my SEVIS status to TSU. How does that work?  Open

Obtaining Your Student Visa

How can I get a receipt to show I paid the SEVIS fee?  Open
Can you send me my SEVIS ID number so I can make an appointment for my visa?  Open

Travel to the U.S. Before your program

I have to be in the U.S. more than 30-days before my I-20 start date for a sports team, optional school program, or need additional time to prepare for school. What should I do?  Open
I will be in a different U.S. city for a week before coming to Houston. When should I check in?  Open

SEVIS Transfer-In: Transfer Eligibility and Application

Am I eligible to transfer my SEVIS record to TSU?  Open
My SEVIS record is 'Complete.' Am I eligible for a transfer to TSU?  Open
My SEVIS record is 'Terminated.' Am I eligible for a transfer to TSU?  Open
When can/should I transfer my record?  Open
I am a few days or weeks away from the 5 month SEVIS transfer window. Can you adjust my start date to an earlier date so that I am eligible for a SEVIS transfer?  Open
How long does it take to do the SEVIS transfer?  Open
What documents are required for a SEVIS transfer?  Open

SEVIS Transfer-In: Transfer Start Dates and Timing

What will my SEVIS Transfer I-20 start date be?  Open
I'm required to do a pre-program boot camp or English language class. Can my I-20 start date be earlier?  Open
When will I get my TSU I-20?  Open

Visa and Travel for Transfer Students

My visa is valid for the next 4 years, but has my old school's name on it. Do I need a new visa?  Open
Can I stay in the U.S. in between programs?  Open
Can I travel internationally between programs?  Open
Can I enter the U.S. more than 30 days before the I-20 start date?  Open