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What is the CLEP?

The  College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) provides an opportunity for students to test out of courses and move at an accelerated pace towards degree completion. To access the complete list of CLEP examinations offered please visit


How to Make an Appointment?

CLEP is now computerized and administered by appointment only. Before you can make an appointment to take a CLEP Test, you must have a Voucher Number which will be provided to you by CLEP once you have completed your online payment for the CLEP Examination at: Contact the University Testing Center in advance to schedule for proctoring at:Testing Office ( or via email at

test details
Items Test Details
Fee The cost includes an institution fee of $30.00 for each test payable to TSU or $40.00 for non-TSU students and an examination fee of $89.00 for each test payable to CLEP. Before contacting the University Testing Center to schedule your test, you are required to make an online payment of $89.00 to CLEP for the CLEP Examination fee at Register for an Exam – CLEP | College Board. When scheduling the exam have the CLEP Ticket ID number available to complete your appointment. The TSU Institution fee should be paid in advance at CLEP Payment. Click here to register for proctoring. Fees paid to TSU are non-refundable. 
IDENTIFICATION On the day of the test students are required to bring an un-expired driver’s license or state ID as primary identification that must include your name, date of birth, signature, and a recognizable photograph.
TIME DURATION CLEP exams are approximately one hour and thirty minutes and you are allowed to leave if you finish before the end of the time period.
TEST RESULTS Test scores will be available by computer printout once you have completed the test. Official Transcripts should arrive to your institution within 15 business days.
RESCHEDULING If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment and wish to reschedule or cancel, you must contact the Testing Center 2 (two) calendar days prior to your appointment. 
TEST LOCATION The Testing Center is now located in the University Learning Center also known as the “UAV Center” building located on the Corner of Rosewood & Canfield Streets.
*RETEST You must wait six months before retesting the same subject.

(*) subject to change by the College Board.