Advisor Name



Office Location

College of Science, Engineering, & Technology

Dr. Desiree Jackson, Assistant Dean 713-313-7778 L.H.O. Spearman Technology Bldg. 150
Sharon Hudson, Academic Advisor 713-313-7172 L.H.O Spearman Technology Bldg. 157
DeMariea Butler, Academic Advisor 713-313-1860 L.H.O. Spearman Technology Bldg. 112

School of Communication

Kevin Adams, Assistant Dean 713-313-7740 MLK 239

Andrea Townson, Academic Advisor 713-313-7740 MLK 216

Kimberly Taylor, Academic Advisor 713-313-7740 MLK 216

Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs

Richelle Jones, J.D., Director of Student Support Services and Assessment 713-313-4886 PAB 102
Eddie Bebley, Academic Advisor 713-313-7202 PAB 102
Sherena Johnson, Academic Advisor 713-313-6730 PAB 102

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Dr. Felicia McAdams, Director of Advising and Counseling 713-313-7550 Gray Hall 134
Jonathan Conner, Academic Pathways Advisor & Intervention Specialist Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Nutritional Sciences & Dietetics, and Respiratory Therapy 713-313-7433 Gray Hall 134

London McMiller, Graduate Assistant Pre-pharmacy 713-313-7166 Gray Hall 134

Montrell Releford, Program Coordinator PharmD 713-313-6994 Gray Hall 134

College of Education

Dr. Syreeta Blacklock, Interim Assistant Dean 713-313-1282 EDU 011B
Dr. Amber Adams, Curriculum and Instruction Advisor 713-313-7306 EDU 308

Aaron Hawkins, HKSS Academic Advisor 713-313-7087 HPE 103

Thomas F. Freeman Honors College

Renuka S. Nair, Director of Academic & Student Services 713-313-5029 Library Learning Center Suite 302

Jesse H. Jones School of Business

Michelle Hill, Executive Director of Student Success 713-313-7721 JHJ 119

Debra Wilson, Academic Advisor 713-313-1312 JHJ 118

Kadiffa Brown, Academic Advisor 713-313-7942 JHJ 120
Naveed Haider, Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs 713-313-7590 JHJ 118

College of Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences

Tova Hausberger, Academic Advisor
Human Services & Consumer Sciences, Sociology, & Psychology (K-Z) 713-313-4810 PAB 320B

Dr. Jane Perkyns, Interim Associate Dean - COLABS
Art, Music, & Theatre 713-313-1037 PAB 315H

Dr. Ravi Srinivas, Academic Advisor
General Studies, English, History, & World Languages 713-313-2830 PAB 320A

LaKeisha Thomas, Academic Advisor

Psychology (A-J)

713-313-4859 PAB 320D

Dr. Nicole Willis, Department Chair
Social Work

713-313-7320 PAB 302Z

College of Transdisciplinary Studies

Kayla Thomas, Academic Advisor 713-313-1262


Kimberly Evans, Assistant Athletics Director/ Academic Enhancement 713-313-7697 HPE 143

Arneecia Romeo, Academic Advisor 713-313-4230 HPE 119

Camille Mills, Academic Advisor 713-313-7574 HPE 143

Enrollment and Completion Advisors

Shyrell Hobson, Director of Experiential Education and Enrollment Completion 713-313-7506 FC 114L
College of Liberal Arts & Behavioral Sciences (COLABS)

Mr. Bobby Scott 713-313-7023 FC 114B

Ms. Nicole Swearingen 713-313-7622 FC 114J

Mr. Bernard Watson 713-313-7699 FC 114F
College of Science, Engineering, Technology (COSET)/College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS)

Ms. Destiny Anaele 713-313-4411 FC 114A

Ms. Shirley Laneaut 713-313-1330 FC 114I

Ms. Nyresha Robertson 713-313-7648 FC114L
College of Education (COE), School of Communications (SOC), School of Public Affairs (SOPA)

Dr. Deliah Brown 713-313-6783 FC 114C

Mr. Kevin Hayes 713-313-7796 FC 114G

Mrs. Candace Dade 713-313-7682 FC 114H
JHJ School of Business

Mr. Robell Tocruray 713-313-1345 FC 114L

Mr. Curtis Dawson 713-313-4291 FC 114B

Ms. Ebiuwa Aduwa 713-313-7152 FC 114K
Sophomore Status/Pathway to 30 Advisors

Ms. Kirsten Pitts 713-313-6884 COE, B-Level 002F
Transfer Specialist (First Time Transfers)

Mr. Dominique Jefferson 713-313-1384

TRIO-Student Support Services (SSS) Programs Advisors

TRIO-SSS (Classic)

Vonda Lackey, Academic Advisor 713-313-7483 University Learning Ctr. 109
Donta Titus, Academic Advisor 713-313-7277 University Learning Ctr. 109


Chelsea Adams, Academic Advisor 713-313-7630 University Learning Ctr. 109
Charles Dent III, Academic Advisor 713-313-7666 University Learning Ctr. 109


Dr. Gregory Maddox, Dean 713-313-7889 Hannah Hall 201
Dr. Mahesh Vanjani, Associate Dean 713-313-7786 Hannah Hall 201
Dr. Jessica Davis, Assistant Dean 713-313-7731 Hannah Hall 201
Leddie Smith, Senior Admissions Officer 713-313-7941 Hannah Hall 201