How do I review my application status and admission decision?  Open
When will I know if I am accepted?  Open
How may I apply for admission?  Open
Where do I find my T-number?  Open
What are the options to submit my high school transcript and ACT/SAT test scores?  Open
What if I did not take the ACT or SAT exam, am I able to still apply for admission?  Open
I took dual credits in high school, how do I receive credit for these courses?  Open
How do I know if TSU received my college transcript?  Open
I took AP courses in high school, how will I know when TSU receives my AP score report?  Open
How can I meet with an admissions counselor to receive assistance with admission?  Open
I have a GED, am I able to still apply for admission?  Open
Are there advisers available to assist me with complete registration and enrollment to TSU?  Open