03.01.01 Expenditures of All Funds Administered by Texas Southern University
03.01.02 Entertainment Expenditures
03.01.05 Financial Exigency
03.01.07 Segregation of Duties
03.02.01 Purchasing Guidelines
03.02.02 Code of Conduct - Procurement Responsibilities
03.02.03 Purchase of Goods, Materials and Supplies through the Purchasing Department
03.02.04 Allowances for Communication Devices
03.02.05 Contracting with Historically Underutilized Businesses
03.02.06 Direct Pay Vouchers
03.02.07 Advance Payment for Goods
03.02.08 Prompt Payment and Payment Scheduling
03.02.09 Procurement Card
03.02.10 Travel Paid from State-Appropriated Funds
03.02.11 Travel Paid from Local Fund
03.02.12 Individual Travel Card
03.02.13 Departmental and Multi-User Travel Card
03.02.14 Centrally Billed Travel Cards
03.02.15 Travel Card
03.03.01 The Planning Budgeting Process
03.03.03 Repair and Construction Funds
03.03.04 Higher Education Assistance Funds
03.03.05 Tuition, Fees, and Charges
03.04.01 Direct Deposits of Salaries
03.04.02 Payroll Check Distribution
03.04.03 Payroll Deductions
03.04.04 Taxable Fringe Benefits
03.04.05 Employee Time and Effort Reporting
03.04.06 Student Social Security Tax Withholding Exemption
03.05.01 Accepting and Handling Credit and Debit Card Payments
03.07.01 Cash Handling
03.07.03 Expenditures and Expenditure Authority
03.07.04 Official Functions and Discretionary Expenditures
03.07.05 Expenditure Redistribution and Correction
03.07.06 Emergency and Exceptional Manual Checks from Imprest Account
03.07.07 Reconciliation of General Ledger Cost Center Balance
03.07.08 Physical Inventory of Goods for Resale, Manufacture, or Repair
03.07.09 Bank Account Reconciliation Procedures
03.07.10 Property Management 
03.07.11 Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed Property
03.08.01 Accounts Receivable 
03.08.02 Undergraduate Tuition Rebate
03.08.04 Reporting Indebtedness to the State Comptroller
03.08.05 Employee Financial Responsibility 
03.08.06 Student Financial Obligation
03.08.07 Student Refunds
03.08.08 Return of Title IV Funds & Post-Withdrawal Disbursement Policy