This webpage helps TSU students and alumni avoid job scams by providing guidance on identifying suspicious emails and taking necessary precautions. It also shares information about known job scams to keep the TSU community informed.

To identify a job scam:

  • Check if the email is from a corporate account. We only post jobs from employers with a corporate email account.
  • Ensure the email is addressed specifically to you, not to multiple recipients.
  • Beware of requests to communicate via text or to provide personal info via email.
  • Be alert for grammatical and spelling errors in the email.
  • Check for contact information for the sender in the email signature.
  • Verify if the email directs you to non-TSU websites. Our office only uses official career websites.

For any job offer or posting inquiries or concerns, contact or call the Career Pathways Center at 713-313-7541 for immediate assistance.

To verify the legitimacy of an email, forward it to TSU OIT Security at for confirmation.