Health Maintenance Topics

Some 44 million adults provide care for an older or chronically ill family member at home. Providing such care can be richly rewarding at times, yet considerably burdensome at others. Sometimes the stress on family caregivers can leave them feeling overwhelmed.

Caregivers may experience physical illness, depression, grief, and changes in their own relationships as a result of the care they provide.Stepping Stones To Healthy Aging is a series designed to bring awareness to the emotional and health risks of older adults as well as the caregivers. Each of the topics includes background information, interactive discussion, hands-on activities and consumer handouts.

The following are brief descriptions and list of topics included in this series:

Healthy Living For The Caregiver

  • Diabetes: Are You At Risk
  • The Risks of Drug Interaction
  • Food Can Have An Effect On Your Medicines

Stop, Look and Listen

  • Effective Techniques and Tools Used to Communicate With Older Adults
  • Help Your Doctor Help You
  • Expressing Feelings

Stress Management: Preventing Stress Through Lifestyle Management

  • Are You Vulnerable To Stress
  • Signs You Are Stressed
  • Types of Stress and Effects on the Body As We Age
  • Ways To Cope in Stressful Situations

Living Through Loss

  • Coping Skills
  • Signs and Symptoms of Depression
  • Stages of Grief
  • Laughter Is Good Medicine