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Meet the UCC Staff

To refer a student for counseling services, please complete this PDF form (Refer a Student in Distress) and return it to the University Counseling Center.

As you prepare your syllabi for the semester, I would like you to consider including the University Counseling Center in your syllabi. Please consider including the following statement in your syllabi:

The University Counseling Center is committed to addressing the Behavioral Health and Wellness needs of all of our students. If you are dealing with concerns such as depression, anxiety, time management, anger management, substance use, or troubles adjusting to college life, do not suffer alone. The University Counseling Center is here to assist you reach your academic and personal goals. We are located in the Student Health Center. Appointments can be made by calling 713-313-7804. Attending the University Counseling Center is confidential and does not become a part of your student record.

Additionally, we are available to conduct 10 minute to 1-hour presentations on topics such as:

  • University Counseling Center Services
  • Test and Anxiety
  • Time Management
  • Substance Abuse

Please contact us at 713-313-7804, to schedule a workshop for your class or if you have any questions or concerns.


Santana Simple, Ph.D., LPC-S, NCC

Director, University Counseling Center

Crystal Taylor
Crystal Taylor, MS, LPC

Counselor II


Crystal Taylor
Edgar Lewis, MS, CMHT, LPCA

Counselor II